Grundig SAT Systems

Satellite Transcoding Digital (DVB-S – PAL) HDM 2380 P CI


Stereo Satellite Double Reception Cassette from Digital SAT to PAL in CCIR standard (QPSK – PAL)

These double cassettes transcode two QPSK signals (SCPC or MCPC) into two selectable PAL channels in the VHF/UHF band. Encrypted TV channels can also be converted with the appropriate CA module via the common interface. The WSS setting allows 16:9 channels to be viewed with the correct picture format. VPS and PDC signals and teletext information are also converted. DVB and teletext subtitles can be displayed. When radio stations are converted, the name of the radio station as well as the now and next information are displayed on the screen.

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HDM 2380 P CI
No. of inputs2
No. of converted channels2
Input frequency range950 – 2150 MHz
Symbol rate2 – 40 MSymb/s
Software downloadvia RS 232
Output channelsC 02 – C 04, C 05 – C 12, S 03 – S 41 and C 21 – C 69

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